Hi, I'm Miodrag Milenkovic!

I'm the host of the Affiliate Journey podcast and founder of companies Meta and Miodrag Digital.

I specialize in helping people create content that converts viewers into buyers.

My platform of choice is Facebook, where I've made over 6 figures, and have helped many people have their breakthroughs!

Whether you're looking to make your first dollar online or want to scale your business, I can help!

The Affiliate Journey Podcast

I am focused on bringing the best possible experts that are doing 6, 7 and 8 figures in their businesses, and trying to dig deep into their mindset, strategies and tactics that they were using to reach their success, so that you may replicate it and use in yours, as soon as today! I also do solocast portion of the show where I am covering my own journey and how I went from factory worker to being full-time affiliate, and much much more.

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Free Training

I've developed a 3-step system that helped get me from inconsistent income to predictable 5 figure months, over and over again.

It's called the Meta Marketing Method.

So far, I haven’t released much of this in public because I usually reserve this for my higher-level coaching students only but...

The good news is...

You can enroll now, and learn the ACTUAL things that are needed to have your breakthrough online so you can start scaling your business.

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Meta Affiliate

Meta Affiliate Revolution is a video course made for Facebook organic affiliates who are stuck at 0-3k months and are having trouble with consistency in getting qualified leads and sales. I've shared the exact content strategy, psychology, and approach I've used in my own business to take care of this problem, and finally, scale to 5 figure months. Meta Marketing Method is now used by many affiliates, and it has revolutionized the way they do business. The course has 8 modules, and it's consistently refinding, with new, up-to-date content. We also have 14 days money-back guarantee, as well as affordable payment plans.

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Affiliate Income Multiplier

Affiliate Income Multiplier is my newest offer, in which I cover in-depth strategies and approaches one may use to sell affiliate products that sell multi-tier products (mostly 2-3.)

These are NOT, and I repeat are NOT the same as MLM or multi-level marketing. 

These are affiliate products that simply have a structure where they pay a few levels lower, but it ends there. 

Affiliate Income Multiplier will show you how I actually went about creating leveraged income online. 

One of the problems I had running my business on Facebook was the fact that I had to show up every time to make more money.

I was making lots of it, but it wasn’t passive or leveraged.

The problem occurs when you want to slow down, pause, or stop, but with it, so does your income.

That’s the reason I have created this product, to help others who have similar problems as myself, learn how to promote affiliate products that give them the power of leveraged income. 

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Organic Empire Workshop

Learn how to build a highly engaged tribe of buyers on Facebook, and scale past 5 figures in less than 6 months.
Only 10 beta spots available. Price increases after first 10 spots sold.
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