About Me

Meta Affiliate Revolution was born out of necessity; it emerged out of the gap I saw in the Facebook organic marketplace.

I was one of few people actually having results selling my affiliate products utilizing Facebook (without running ads.)

Soon enough, I had plenty of people approaching me, asking for my help and advice.

The thing is, things that I've applied and learned came from so many different sources and personal experiences, there was nowhere to point them to.

There wasn't THE place where one can consume the information and fill in the gap.

This is where the idea emerged. For years (over 2 and a half) as I was an affiliate, I was seeing a big gap wherein people don't really learn the marketing side of things, they just try to utilize some strategies and processes hoping to make a sale.

This was the case in the Facebook organic marketplace, too. I felt called to fill in this gap. It initially started as coaching, where I took the first round of beta students and shared information that wasn't shared elsewhere.

Soon enough, knowing full well that I can't help people at scale with just coaching, I've started a course, now known as Meta Affiliate Revolution.

One where I teach affiliates how to actually do proper marketing on Facebook where they will attract the right leads that are fit for their affiliate programs.

On top of it, I'm showing them the strategies I've been effectively utilizing in getting proper clients that I can help. And, just as important, the approach content that makes all of this possible, and that is probably the #1 thing that has helped me grow my own business on Facebook.

Thanks for being here, I look forward to working with you!

Miodrag Milenkovic